Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chou Chou Has Lots of Stuff!

Chou is a high maintenance puppy. But no surprise there, and I'm not complaining.

Briards don't shed, just a stray hair here or there, like humans. But I brush her almost every night so mats don't form; it seems kinder to her to brush more often so I don't have to pull much. She has a new top-of-the-line brush with brass pins, and also a brush to clean the brass pin brush. I haven't yet figured out why I need the wooden bristle brush, too, but the briarders say they like it, so I bought it. 

Chou also needs special shampoo so her correctly coarse hair (the briard standard says it should be like goat hair) doesn't soften. I am using Crisp Coat. I use a conditioner, Coat Handler or Spectrum 1, and Crown Royale Ultimate Detangling Spray (or water in a spray bottle). 

She also has  a grooming table to go with the brushes and salon haircare. The table is for me: easiest on my back. She does not jump up on it and she is now too heavy for me to lift comfortably, so I bought a short staircase and she walks up the 3 steps onto the table.

Chou Chou has had numerous crates to sleep in, in my bedroom. When she is a year old, I will buy her a bed. She outgrew crate #1 (the one she arrived in) very quickly. Crate #2 seemed like a good hybrid design -- a plastic frame with metal sides, and it could fold up -- but I couldn't put it together. I called a handyman, who couldn't get it together, either; it was defective and I returned it. Crate #3 was good, but Chou outgrew that one, too. 

Crate #4 is a very big crate that she will not outgrow; I could not fit it in my car (or my bedroom), so I ordered it online and UPS delivered it. Love that. It's a downstairs crate. It arrived cracked on the top, but the company was satisfied with my iPhone photos that documented the crack, and they let me keep it for free rather than have me pay to ship it back to them. It is not safe for travel, with the cracked top, but it will be okay in the house. 

Crate #5 was chewed apart within 8 hours ("It was tasty!"), so I took it back and got a store credit. Crate #6 was too small, so back it went. Crate #7 was the right size but defective -- a soft crate with a broken zipper - so it went back to the store, too. And crate #8 is just right -- the Goldilocks crate. She likes to poke her head out the top.

UPS must love me: I keep many people employed delivering and returning crates.  

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