Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Puppy Mishaps

Chou Chou was running around the (fenced) yard and I was watching. She's fast, like lightening! I saw her run around the back of my car in the driveway but I didn't see her come around again and towards me. 

I think I must have taken a step backwards when she ran behind me, and we collided. I landed on my hip. It hurts! She was nice about it, stopped running and came over to see how I was. ("I just wondered why you were sitting there. Time to run some more!") End of play time.

She chewed up a new harness. That was very quick, when I was right there watching her. 

She also ate a big chunk off a Kong toy when I wasn't looking. It was from their Extreme durable line - ha!  She seems okay, and maybe she just ate it little bits at a time, but to make sure there is no lump of rubber in her stomach, she will probably have to have an x-ray.

When she is sitting still, she is very cute!

("I've never eaten anything of yours. Just mine. So that's fair.")

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