Thursday, June 9, 2011

What is Puppy's Name?

Yellow Ribbon went to the vet today. The breeder's contract said she had to be checked when she arrived. She weighs 14 ' 11". Too big for the scale!

Everyone at the veterinary hospital fell in love with her. She's like a cute teddy bear, sitting on my lap. I have to carry her in, and not put her down, until she has all her vaccinations.

I expected a hyper alpha from the breeder's description, but so far she's just a mellow little dog, which is great. Stubborn, but very sweet!

She is reluctant to go outside, but I make her go out anyway of course. She was in a rural area in Canada, and now must learn about city noises. She seems afraid of the car sounds and the neighbor's dog that barks. I have taken her outside for the leaf blowers, ambulance sirens, motorcycles. Everything is so new to her. I am socializing so she will be a calm adult and take new events and changes in stride.

She cried in the crate last night, even though it's next to my bed. Such sad sounds. Other than that, she hasn't made any sound at all. 

She ate more today than yesterday. Chicken, rice, and a supplement called Puppy Gold. She really loves that stuff. I bought a big container and I'll keep her on it for a couple of months. 

She loves chewing on her toys. She carries them around the kitchen. 

I am having no trouble with potty training. I use crate training and it works great. 

Since the name Trixie isn't working for such a mellow but timid pup, I looked up French dog names. I am leaning towards Chou Chou, a French term of endearment. ("Eh, I don't know... nobody will pronounce it right.")

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