Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yellow Ribbon Puppy Arrives

The puppy is here! The couple who brought her to me kept her overnight, bathed and cleaned her from being on a plane all day yesterday, fed her, played with her. They were so kind to the little puppy! They have several briards -- how can anyone manage more than one? 

Then my Sacramento friends came right over to see little Yellow/ Trixie and fell in love with her. She is exhausted from all her adventures and was very mellow with them. Love those big feet!

I gave her a small pad in the kitchen so she can sit with me while I type. She fell asleep. Where is the wild puppy I heard about? ("Ha! Wait and see! I just have jet lag.")

I don't have great photos, just taken from an iPhone, and when I pick up a camera, she moves!

Tomorrow she will go to the vet who took care of Mimi for most of her life, who became a friend of mine. She can't wait to meet the little pup.

Trix wants to eat the grass whenever she is on it. She also seems itchy, some scratching and chewing her front foot. I hope she isn't allergic to the cockatoo... and I live near a park where everything grows. ("Hmmm. I can tell you are going to be a real worrier. Relax, New Mom!")

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