Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's in a Name?

This pup isn't a tricky Trixie. She sits around all day like a cat. I expected the wild creature the breeder told me about. No, she very calm and sweet! So, she is Chou Chou. It is fun to say it (shoo shoo). She seems to like the sh sound.

She's such a baby. Today she met the vacuum cleaner, and ran! She squeezed through the edge of the baby gate from the kitchen to living room. I didn't know she could fit through that little space, and I also didn't know she could climb up stairs fast. Amazing what fear will do to get a puppy moving... but she is too afraid to come down by herself. 

I am a nervous puppy mom. Maybe understandable, after what I just went through with Mimi; I am not at all over that loss. Pup had to go out at 4:30 am, and I saw a little diarrhea, so I worried that it was Parvo, which can be fatal. This morning I took her to the vet for the Parvo test, which was negative. I must learn to relax! ("Oui!")

From Yellow Ribbon to Trixie, and now Chou Chou. When I step back from the naming process, I think I may have taken away the name Trixie - and left her nameless for a couple days -- because I was distancing, afraid to love her fully. I worried so much that she might be sick and "here I go again," right now, all over again. The 24/7 struggle to keep Mimi alive took more of a toll on me than I knew. I have been on edge, worried that this new pup will die, too, so better not get attached.

Well, she's fine. A happy, healthy puppy. I named her again; I trust feeling close to her. I will keep her and love her. Of course.

Chou Chou. ("I'm glad that's finally settled!)

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