Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chou Chou is Growing

She keeps me busy and follows me around the house like a good herding dog. The breeder said to feed her chicken and rice for 10 days, so I got Empire kosher chicken for her. I am a vegetarian, but I am cooking chicken for the puppy. She's a big eater and I hope this expensive chicken diet won't last too long. ("Mmm. It's very tasty!")

I bought her a new food bowl. She is afraid of it, but gradually getting closer. (That rug is scary!")

Chou Chou is 16 lbs. 1 oz. today, and I am lifting the puppy and carrying her down the stairs. Last Wednesday when she arrived, she was 14' 11", so she is growing fast. I hope she will learn to use the steps before she reaches 65 lbs. ("Steps are okay. I just prefer you to carry me.")

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