Monday, May 30, 2011

Thinking in New Directions, Almost

After I posted my sad note on the briard listserv, briard lovers (briarders) from all over the world responded with condolence notes. They told me they cried along with me when they read about my Mimi, because it brought back the losses of their first briards, special dogs they will never forget. And they all urged me to get a puppy. 

A puppy?? I am grieving.

The condolences made me feel better, a community of people who understood. And I came to realize that, like them, I would never get over the loss of Mimi, but maybe it would be possible to get a puppy anyway. I thought about the many people who have more than one dog and love them both/all; I could love two dogs: one gone and one present; one not "replacing" the other. 

I am so tired of being stuck in such profound sadness with no relief!

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